Logistics is an important pillar for a reliable, cost-effective and fast order processing and merchandise supply. Use the options of Integratix eSupply for more potential to optimize the fields of warehouse and logistics!

Integratix eSupply for logistics and warehouse optimization

  • Optimization of warehouse stock and safety stock
    • The early and improved supply of information with order confirmations and shipping notifications allows you to reduce your warehouse and safety stocks.
  • Optimization of goods receipt
    • Optimize your goods receipt by means of advance shipping notifications (shipping notifications) and shipping documents with bar codes.
  • Third-party deal
    • Make use of the potential for a logistics optimization of your suppliers and reduce your warehouse stock and your warehouse costs by using the third-party deal with Integratix for all your articles that are qualified for a third-party deal irrespective of the IT applications of your supplier.
  • Service level
    • The consistent utilization of these advantages allows you to increase your service level.
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