Definition of EDI

The electronic data exchange (EDI - Electronic Data Interchange) describes all the electronic procedures that are needed for an exchange of business date among the different business partners, such as the electronic transmission of purchase orders to suppliers. In this case, it is differentiated between the classical EDI realizing a direct data exchange with a standard, such as EDIFACT and the Internet EDI or web EDI allowing the exchange via an Internet portal (for ex. suppliersī portal).

Integratix eSupply - EDI, Web EDI

Classical EDI

Integratix eSupply provides you with all the options of a classical EDI and allows you to electronically connect all the business partners - customers, suppliers, forwarding agents, ... - to all the popular communication logs (HTTPS, X.400, OFTP, ...) and transaction standards (EDIFACT, Tradacom, VDA, ODETTE, XML, ...).


In addition, Integratix eSupply also provides you with a web EDI, in the form of a suppliers?portal. Via this web EDI, you can realize an electronic communication with suppliers of all sizes. That way, your suppliers who have no own infrastructure for a classical EDI have the chance to provide you with an electronic communication. For this purpose, a supplier has not only the option to manually interact with the suppliersīportal, but he also has a cost-effective option to exchange automated data with the suppliersī portal by means of a client software offered by Integratix.
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