Definition of Dropshipping

For dropshipping, it is characteristic that a company sells goods without having any physical contact with the goods. The delivery is carried out by a supplier of the company directly to the customer of the company.

Examples for the use of dropshipping are for ex. wholesalers with bulky goods or replacement deliveries.

Advantages - Dropshipping

  • No capital tie-up in the own warehouse
  • Low logistics costs
  • Faster delivery

Dropshipping with Integratix

The Integratix eSupply platform allows your suppliers to create the shipping documents with your design and to dispatch the goods in your name. This will not result in any installation effort for the supplier, if he is using the Integratix suppliersī portal.

Avail yourself of our extensive knowledge that we gained from the collaboration with our customers who have been using the third-party deal for many years.
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